Multi-instrumentalist Chakib Hilali is noted for his exquisite feeling, playing Arabic music on a dizzying number of different instruments, which he switches between with consummate ease. Instruments he plays most often include oud (Arabic Lute), ney (end-blown flute), violin, riq (Arabic Tambourine), and oriental keyboards. He is also an expressive vocalist.

Chakib grew up in Casablanca, Morocco, born into a family of musicians who took him along to performances from a very young age. Chakib studied oud (Arabic lute) at the Conservatory of Music in Casablanca, and immigrated to the US at the age of 21.

Chakib has become a well-known performer of Arabic music in the DC area, performing both traditional and nightclub styles, and even playing the mizmar in zeffa wedding processions.

Chakib enjoys playing many styles of Arabic music, from classical Arabic music, Tarab, Moroccan music, folk music of the Arab countries, belly dance music, and Rai – a modern style that fuses western instruments with North African rhythms and melodies. In additional to being a skilled and emotive player, Chakib has the ability to take a group of musicians and help them to sound their best through arrangements and subtle touches that come from his deep appreciation for classical Arabic music. His ability to pick up new material quickly and his natural tendancy to play in a complimentary manner with others puts him in demand as a guest or support musician for visiting singers and soloists.

Chakib enjoys teaching others the music of his homeland.  He teaching style favors the oral tradition of Arabic music, and he enjoys personalizing his teaching to match the individual music preferences and goals of his students.

Now based in Alexandria, Virginia (in the Washington DC area), Chakib is available for performances, lessons and workshops