Youstine Faltas is a highly skilled multi-instrumentalist with a strong focus on guitar. While initially trained as a classical pianist, Youstine discovered his true musical voice through the guitar, and he has been captivating audiences for the past 16 years with his exceptional talent.

His musical journey has taken him across continents and genres, where he has effortlessly embraced various styles including French folk, blues, classical Arabic, and Jazz standards. Continually pushing the boundaries of his instruments, Youstine joined Columbia’s Jazz band and the Arab Music Ensemble in 2017, further expanding his musical horizons. Whether performing blues in New York City’s iconic venues, or bringing his unique sound to reggae and funk events in the south of France, Youstine consistently delivers innovative and soul-stirring performances.

For Youstine, the connection between a musician and their instrument is an intimate and transformative experience, one that can be healing and enlightening. This profound belief influences his teaching style and philosophy, as he strives to inspire his students with curiosity and a sense of fulfillment throughout their musical journey.

With a passion for nurturing creativity and personal growth, Youstine Faltas continues to leave a lasting impact on both his students and the music community at large, as he shares his love for music and the transformative power it holds.