Shafik Bastawrous is an accomplished and dedicated music educator and performer, boasting over 25 years of professional experience. Known affectionately as Mr. B, he possesses a deep passion for teaching and sharing his musical talents with students of all ages. From the very beginning, Mr. B ensures that his students derive joy from playing their favorite songs while also establishing a solid foundation in music theory and techniques.

Having a profound belief in the power of music to touch the mind, body, and spirit, Shafik emphasizes the importance of serious musical study in appreciating and understanding our culture and the rich musical traditions around the world. Through active listening, performing, and composing, he creates engaging opportunities for his students to develop a deeper understanding and enjoyment of music within a fast-paced and enjoyable learning environment.

Shafik’s rigorous musical training was obtained at the prestigious Conservatory Institute of Music, where he honed his skills across various instruments and musical styles. Proficient in piano, classical and flamenco guitar, electric guitar and bass guitar, pan flute, accordion, oud, saxophone, and more, his versatility enables him to authentically perform and sing music from diverse cultures in over five languages.

Beyond teaching, Shafik operates his own recording studio, where he has produced numerous records for renowned singers and had the privilege of performing alongside them on international stages. As both a gifted composer and instructor, his true passion lies in sharing the gift of music with individuals of all ages who possess a love for this artistic form.

Recognized for his exceptional talent, Shafik has been awarded the title of Most Talented Musician in the Washington DC area by the international TV channel, ART America. His performances have enthralled audiences at esteemed venues such as the Library of Congress, various Greek and Italian festivals, fashion shows, and business conferences. His international endeavors include captivating crowds at the Cathedral of Saint Anthony Church in Doncaster, United Kingdom, and the opera house in Cairo, Egypt.

For the past 15 years, Shafik has been instructing students of all levels in piano, guitar, and saxophone at the Music and Arts and Guitar Center in Oakton and Sterling, Virginia. Additionally, he has been teaching guitar at Harmonia School in Vienna for the past 13 years.

Shafik possesses a unique ability to share his love of music with others, teaching them their favorite songs and fostering a passion for musical expression that transcends boundaries and enriches lives.

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