João Rabelo is a talented music professional with a passion for creating an emotional impact through music. Based in Silver Spring, MD, João has established himself as a versatile musician, proficient in a variety of genres and styles.

With his expertise in playing multiple instruments, including guitar, piano, and bass, João has captivated audiences with his live performances. He excels in engaging large crowds and is skilled in delivering unforgettable musical experiences.

João’s career objective as a church musician has led him to work with several churches, including Lifehouse Church, Ibbw Church, Washington Lagoinha Church, and Harvest Intercontinental. In these roles, he has been responsible for selecting, planning, and performing music for worship services, special events, and concerts. His dedication to serving the community through music has made him an invaluable asset to these organizations.

Apart from his musical pursuits, João has also demonstrated his entrepreneurial skills as the owner of NiceShine Services LLC, a carpet cleaning and power washing business based in Silver Spring, MD. Through this venture, he has honed his time management, organization, and communication skills, further enhancing his abilities as a professional.

Additionally, João has been actively involved in teaching guitar for the past five years, primarily within his church community as a volunteer. Having gained extensive experience in this role, he is now eager to transition into guitar teaching full-time. His passion for sharing his musical knowledge and empowering others through education is evident in his commitment to continuously improve as a guitar instructor.

Furthermore, João has had the privilege of performing in various notable events. He has showcased his musical talent in vespers events at Washington Adventist University (WAU), as well as in the 2023 Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival concert alongside acclaimed musicians Felipe Paccagnella and saxophonist Douglas Lira. He has also collaborated with esteemed artists such as Gideoni Donato, Gero Vieira, and the band Raiz Worship, which boasts an impressive following of 91k on Instagram.

With his extensive background in live performance, teaching, and entrepreneurship, João Rabelo continues to make a significant impact in the music industry. His dedication to his craft, coupled with his ability to connect with audiences, sets him apart as an exceptional musician and guitar teacher.