Fuad Foty is a highly accomplished oud instrumentalist, captivating vocalist, and esteemed musical instructor, amassing a wealth of experience spanning over three decades. In addition to his musical prowess, Fuad has also excelled in the field of information technology as a specialist and mathematical statistician at the U.S. Census Bureau.

From a young age, music was deeply intertwined in Fuad’s life, as he diligently learned classical Arabic songs from renowned musicians and composers of that era. Fueling his passion for the oud, Fuad swiftly became an integral part of various Arab bands, embarking on national tours to share the joy of music and his profound love for his culture. It was during these expressive endeavors that Fuad serendipitously crossed paths with his wife, Mona El-Bayoumi, an Egyptian-American artist, forming a family that embraced and nurtured music and art from the earliest stages of their children’s lives.

Fuad dedicatedly taught his five children Arabic Music, encouraging them to explore and create their own compositions by tapping into their boundless creativity. The result of this unique musical upbringing was a distinctive fusion of traditional Arabic folkloric songs, opera, rap, jazz, and a diverse array of both traditional and unconventional music genres.

Fuad Foty’s remarkable journey stands as a testament to the enduring power of music and its ability to bridge cultures, inspire creative expression, and foster a deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of human artistry.

Alongside his captivating performances, Fuad Foty shares his profound knowledge and expertise by delivering engaging lectures all across the United States. He is also recognized as a co-founder of Quartertonez music, a platform dedicated to promoting and preserving the rich cultural heritage of Arabian music. Presently, Fuad imparts his vast wisdom in playing the oud and the art of Arabic vocals to private students through Quartertonez music.