Fedor Ouspensky is a highly accomplished and dynamic violinist, renowned for his classical training at Juilliard and his extensive experience in both performance and teaching. With over two decades of violin playing and more than ten years of teaching music, Fedor brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his students.

Having performed in diverse settings across the globe, Fedor has honed his skills in every type of performance environment. He has also had the privilege of attending prestigious music festivals and studying under world-class musicians, further enriching his musical journey.

Fedor’s teaching philosophy revolves around nurturing solid technique, efficient practice methods, and helping students achieve their goals efficiently. Whether it’s mastering beloved songs and pieces, preparing for auditions, or developing specific skills like sight-reading or tone production, Fedor is dedicated to guiding his students towards success.

As a visionary, Fedor has pioneered various programs to provide new opportunities for students to perform and learn. One such venture is Virtual Concert Halls, a company embracing the virtual world to connect students and performers through online performances, interviews, and podcasts with participants from around the globe. A major focus of Virtual Concert Halls is to enhance the quality of the live music experience online, including virtual lessons. Fedor’s expertly designed virtual teaching setup ensures seamless and engaging online lessons, surpassing any potential drawbacks.

Outside the realm of classical music, Fedor has a d

eep appreciation for various genres and encourages students to explore different styles. He curates a diverse mix of music for students to delve into and offers a vast collection of unique violin books, etudes, and materials, carefully chosen to provide the best resources for aspiring musicians.

For more information about Fedor Ouspensky and his remarkable musical journey, please visit his website at http://fedorouspensky.com.

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