Ahmad Damen (known to his friends as Damen) is an award-winning Palestinian musician, podcast producer, soundtrack composer and documentary director. Raised in the occupied city of Ramallah, his early passion for music led him to discover the enchanting world of the Oud, a love that has persisted throughout his life. Despite the challenging circumstances of war, music became his refuge, and he immersed himself in learning to play the instrument.

At 14, Damen began composing music for the Oud and quickly excelled in two different schools of Oud playing. He learned from Oud masters and later pursued research in Change Management in the music industry at Leeds University Business School, earning his Master’s Degree. He was also recognized with a Distinction in Western music theory from the British Royal Schools of Music.

Under the guidance of Maestro Mohammed Uthman Sidiq, he further honed his skills in music theory, orchestration, and composition. Damen’s musical journey led him to work as a recording artist in Jordan and Palestine and collaborate with World Music bands, performing live in England and Turkey.

As an accomplished soundtrack composer, Damen has contributed to more than 20 feature documentaries, short fiction films, and TV projects. Among these, he also directed films such as “The Red Stone” and “Forbidden Pilgrimage,” which have gained acclaim in prestigious festivals around the globe.

Damen’s passion for music extended to Sound Design and Music Technology. Although he started his second Master’s in Music Technology in Turkey under the supervision of teachers like the renowned music producer Pieter Snapper, a job opportunity in the US led him to new ventures. His audio recording and editing expertise earned him an award in New York (2023).

Damen aspires to share his expertise and passion for the Oud and Music Theory with you, believing that a great teacher explains complex things in the easiest way possible, understanding the subject deeply and connecting it to broader contexts.

For more information, please visit his website: https://ahmaddamen.github.io/

Book a lesson with Ahmad: https://quartertonez.setmore.com/ahmad-damen